Concept art for Infinity Stone.

Formed in 2012, Rællic Systems is a small R&D company and independent record label based in San Mateo, California that is focused on developing innovative products in a variety of areas.

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  1. Infinity Stone: a 3D visualization system/information system for the government with multilevel security and cross-domain information sharing, toward a goal of total information awareness. Concept.
  2. Graviton: a system for the covert high resolution mapping of underground facilities and construction activities. Concept.
  3. Truth Warrior: a ten-picture motion picture series on the meaning and power of Truth, and the importance of other positive values in society. Development.
  4. Music projects: multiple albums, singles, and EP's with various artists. Production.
  5. The Vision: a range of high performance, ultra high quality packet capture appliances. Production.
  6. The Rogue Mariner: a privately owned and operated next-gen maritime security vessel. Concept plan with economist lined up for white paper once funding is available.
  7. Laser-protective, RF attenuating encapsulated ceramic composite armor. Concept.
  8. Dial-a-bang: an electronic stun/entry device as an alternative to flashbang grenades. Concept.
  9. Helical Analytics: a system for the volumetric visualization and analysis of massive realtime data sets. Concept.
  10. HyperFlow: a system for the rapid study and analysis of the propagation of information across a distributed network of remotely connected individuals. Concept.
  11. Extreme Team: a peer-to-peer electrotactile biofeedback tactical network. Concept.
  12. The Matrix: flashmob deployment of mesh/P2P network-enabled reactive agents. Concept.
  13. Polychoron: a system for the visualization and audiovisualization of internet traffic based on moving fields of Schläfli-Hess polychora, hyper-polygons, and modulated noise representing a cloud storm of hosts, packets, their routes, and unusual events such as sudden bursting and outages. Concept.
  14. Operation Prince Charming: an evidence-based approach using cutting edge behavioral science to advance digital dating technology and improve user experience. Concept.


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