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An Information Technology consultancy, R&D venture, and independent music/film studio based in Redwood City, California.

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Andrew G. Watters
555 Twin Dolphin Drive, Ste. 135
Redwood City, CA 94065
+1 (415) 261-8527

"I recently hired Andrew as a consultant on a technology project I am working on. I told him that my budget for the tech development part of the project was $2000. Within two days, he found me a solution for $100. In addition to saving me thousands of dollars, working with Andrew has been an enjoyable experience. He is responsive, very professional, and great at putting complicated technological concepts into layman's terms. I look forward to continuing to work with Andrew and the Rællic Systems team on my current project and on any future projects. Five stars. Highly recommend." -A.P., Los Angeles, CA, 6/27/2021

The Trial Laboratory
Coming soon: the Trial Laboratory, a private justice center with state of the art audio/video features. It's centered around filming lawyers and litigants practicing, and in mock court proceedings, although it also could be used for actual proceedings if the parties agree. The key feature of the Trial Laboratory is multi-camera 4K video recording with pro-level audio and, ideally, live broadcast/streaming. This is in progress.

Information Technology
Custom computer systems, web applications, cybersecurity audits/forensics, network analysis/packet capture, and more.

Research and Development
I do my own projects and I'm also available for hire. Here is what I am working on in 2021:

  1. Rællic - a system for recording, measuring, and analyzing credibility indicators in interpersonal communication using a combination of high resolution 3D scanning plus thermal and hyperspectral imaging.
  2. Boat Brake - an adjustable cavitating hydrofoil for decelerating ships.
  3. Drum God - instrumented drum sticks for 9-axis inertial measurement of musical performances.
  4. Reality Stone - an augmented reality goggle for training musical performers.
  5. Spectrum Warrior - vehicle-borne signals intelligence platform for civilians.
  6. Slash - a law practice management and knowledge system.
  7. Infinity Stone - a proposed digital globe and information system with advanced capabilities.
  8. Future Warrior - augmented reality helmet and transparent armor visor.
  9. The Vision - a 100 gigabit packet capture and traffic replay system.
  10. Flash Point - a system for mapping wildfires "live" using remotely operated probes.

Digital Cinema services
Full RED handheld package and operator available for hire, plus multiple tripod options (Manfrotto portable tripod with mini fluid head, or Manfrotto/Bogen heavy duty studio tripod with heavy duty fluid head and optional wheeled base). RED Dragon-X 6K S35 with Zeiss CP.3 lenses. I also co-own a photo studio in Santa Clara. My camera, and samples of work for clients:

Film projects

All projects produced, written, directed, and edited by Andrew G. Watters unless otherwise indicated.

Truth Warrior -- a twelve-picture original series in a shared cinematic universe about positive values in society.

  1. Rællic -- a young woman wields a medieval knight's enchanted gauntlet that is imbued with special powers for the worthy.
  2. Pacific Warrior -- an exchange officer from the Australian SAS experiences a moral dilemma while on a controversial American mission.
  3. A Better Future -- twin sisters on opposite sides of the law confront choices between family and duty in a tribute to the Hong Kong action genre. Co-written with professional actress/writer/director Eimanne Zein.
  4. Truth Warrior -- a polygraph examiner uncovers a dangerous conspiracy in the U.S. government.
  5. Justice Warrior -- a revenge fantasy about corruption and hypocrisy in the U.S. legal system.
  6. American Warrior -- a story about the values of courage and self-sacrifice, and others that make this nation great.
  7. Valkyrie Warrior -- heroes and heroines from the past are called to assist Earth in a doomsday scenario.
  8. Valkyrie Warrior II -- the people of Earth rely on sacred relics to fight off an alien invasion.
  9. Future Warrior -- a tribute to the best science fiction novel of all time, The Forever War.
  10. Future Warrior II -- Earth and the enemy from Future Warrior ally to fight off a more dangerous third party.
  11. The Undiscovered Country -- an artificially intelligent android soldier lives through the different eras of the universe and into the far future.
  12. Matrix of Leadership -- a seemingly ordinary guy becomes President of the United States and personally leads an air war. Co-written with Eimanne Zein, expected to film Fall 2021 using scale models and a green screen. Check out one of the models, professionally built by Golden Era Model:

Dévah Quartet: Live at This Ain't Hollywood -- the show from March 2020, including an acclaimed version of Lateralus by TOOL, and ending with RUSH's 2112.

Dévah Quartet: 2112 -- a 20-minute performance film showcasing the technical playing and emotional resonance of a talented string quartet.

A Secret -- an original short film about a hard-drinking but super talented young professional.

Music projects

All projects executive produced by Andrew G. Watters.

ReleasedIn progress

Dévah Quartet - 2112

Sara Loera - The Undiscovered Country

LoNero - The Defiant Machine

LoNero - Guitarcore

Courtney Grace - Rogue Wave

Dévah Quartet - Prometheus

Dévah Quartet - Maiden Be Thy Name

TBD - Duality

Dévah Quartet - 2112

Dévah Quartet 2112 album is available for purchase on vinyl. Ultra high quality audiophile-grade colored vinyl. Features an instrumental arrangement of RUSH's epic 2112 suite, plus a 20-minute original piece called Heaven and Hell with the singing talents of Sara Loera and Rob Lundgren. $25 plus shipping and handling. Message for shipping quote (ships worldwide). Check out Liza's unboxing video as well. A limited-run test pressing is available for an additional charge, optionally signed by the band.


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