RAELLIC SYSTEMS is a privately-held small R&D company and independent studio/record label in Silicon Valley.  Our mission is to develop innovative products and solutions on spec and for customers. In addition, we offer services such as custom web application programming and graphic design.

We are always interested in interesting ideas and proposals, as well as potential collaborators.


CEO – Andrew G. Watters, Esq.
Research Scientist – Arielle Morganstern, Ph.D.
Sales – Mario Gutierrez-Tagle
Concept Artist – Andy Collis




This policy announcement follows a wave of sexual harassment/sexual assault/lewd conduct allegations against various figures in the entertainment industry.  Without necessarily judging these individuals for their bad behavior, or minimizing the very real harm that victims have suffered, it’s obvious to me that these incidents and figures all share at least one thing in common: an abuse of power or position of influence by the perpetrator in an effort to directly impact the victim, or at least include the victim in the inappropriate conduct.  Without naming names, it’s not a surprise to me that this type of behavior goes unreported, because there is just so much profit in these various bad actors’ work and a huge incentive to suppress the truth.  I am writing this message to announce my own policy on misconduct in the event there is either a concern or a question about what my policy is.

My policy is simple: I don’t work with anyone who has, or in the last seven years has had, any incidents of sexual harassment, assault, or lewd conduct (or other serious incidents), or in the last ten years has had confirmed incidents of financial dishonesty or moral turpitude (theft, fraud, embezzlement, breach of fiduciary duty, etc.). A person does not need to be convicted or found civilly liable for this policy to apply; the focus is on the underlying conduct, not whether the person got away with it or not.

This zero-tolerance policy is easy for me to administer and provides an appropriate balance of victim sensitivity with my need to work with brilliant people who may have behaved badly in the distant past. Regarding work that has already been done, if I work with someone who later turns out to have been a serial sexual harasser/abuser or a fraud, I reserve the right to discontinue any professional relationship, including credit for prior work done, at any time.

Anyone who has a concern about any aspect of any project is welcome to email me at director@raellic.com with their concerns, or call me directly at (415) 261-8527.  Meanwhile, I look forward to continuing our work together free from any charges of bad behavior, which is unprofessional and simply unnecessary to creating whatever it is we are doing.

Andrew G. Watters

For further information, please contact Andrew Watters at andrew@raellic.com or: +1 (415) 261-8527