american warrior

by Andrew Watters

A film about the values that make this nation great, like courage and self-sacrifice.

CHRIS is a sergeant in the 82nd Airborne. He is trying out for Delta Force, the Army’s elite counterterrorist unit.

Delta selection is arduous and eliminates 90% of the candidates.

Chris makes it. Among other desirable qualities, he is fluent in Russian from his parents, who emigrated from the USSR in the early 1990s.

Chris’s first assignment is to protect an Executive Branch official on a trip to the Philippines. He has to protect the official from communist insurgents.

Chris spends three years in executive protection, shown by way of a montage as Chris rises through the ranks.

Chris’s next assignment is participating in the U.S. president’s protection detail on an overseas trip to the nation of Georgia. By this time he is a master sergeant.

Before the trip, intelligence is gathered indicating that South Ossetian terrorists plan to make an attempt on the president’s life. Chris is part of the advance team that travels to Georgia a month before the president’s trip in order to deal with the threat.

Chris goes undercover as a South Ossetian separatist arms dealer. He makes contact with the insurgents through an informant.

Chris sells the terrorists GPS-tagged weapons and equipment, and vehicles.

The terrorists find the tags and disable them. They are onto Chris, and now the terrorists have dangerous equipment and weapons shortly before the president’s visit.

Chris and his colleagues carry out raids and strikes on suspected terrorist hideouts. They find some terrorists and weapons, but not others.

The president visits. Chris is undercover in the crowd, and his sniper colleagues provide cover.

Suddenly some terrorists throw grenades, setting off a chain reaction stampede in the crowd. Amid the confusion, Chris has no idea whether the terrorists succeeded in the attack.

Terrorists pop out of manhole covers that they open using thermal lances to melt the welds. There is a battle on the streets and then in the sewers.

Delta is outnumbered.

Chris sacrifies himself to ensure that the terrorists die and his friends live.

The Silver Star is awarded to Chris in a posthumous ceremony attended by his family.

The eulogy emphasizes the importance of courage and self-sacrifice, and states that Chris exemplified these heroic ideals when protecting the president.