future warrior II

by Andrew Watters

Earth and the Ursae ally against a common enemy after the events of FUTURE WARRIOR result in a truce. The tenth and probably the last independent picture from our company. Our finest and final effort at independent film production.

2410 A.D.

IAN HUDSON is back on Earth after the events of FUTURE WARRIOR. He recuperates from a heart transplant operation that left him near death.

While Hudson was getting a new heart, Earth and the Ursae were busy negotiating an armistice. What started as a war arising out of xenophobia ended with acceptance of the Ursae and their unique gifts. For one, the Ursae’s ability to communicate with brainwave emissions is a valuable area of research. Its development would give humanity a huge advantage next time there is an interstellar war. Hopefully never, but you never know.

During peace negotiations, the Ursae reveal that they have received several probing advances from a third species. This unknown species doesn’t need to use wormholes to travel; they are able to project their consciousness across an infinite distance by warping spacetime with matterantimatter collisions. They must have powerful equipment, although their weaponry has not yet been seen.

These other beings, which the Ursae refer to as the Combine, seem to live in the fourth dimension and are invisible unless they choose to project a third dimensional form. The only reason the Ursae were able to detect the Combine was because the Ursae are telepathic and also have achieved mind uploading into their supercomputers.

The Ursae state that they would have preferred to continue fighting a war with Earth, but the advances by the Combine into Ursan territory along with the Combine’s advanced technology made it clear that a truce with Earth was necessary. Essentially Earth and the Ursae have to ally against the Combine in order to avoid the incremental increase of the threat to both peoples, which is presently unknown…

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