future warrior

Screenplay by Alicia Graham

A time traveling future soldier fights in an interstellar war against the Ursae, an alien race. It’s a tribute to The Forever War, Forever Peace, and Forever Free, all by Joe Haldeman. Life is the school; love is the lesson. One of the lessons we learned from love is to protect those we love with the Truth– not from it.

2205 A.D.

It’s the second wave of the intergalactic war against the Ursae, an intelligent race of aliens that live in a star system millions of light years away from Earth. The remaining troops from the first tour have come back home and the second battalion of soldiers is being trained for deployment.

IAN HUDSON is a 22 year-old native of the Republic of America. He has recently graduated from university at the top of his class, gaining his degree in Galactic Engineering. He is immediately drafted into the ICF – Intergalactic Combat Forces. The war in the Ursa Delta Galaxy still rages on, and the next wave of troops are being acquired from all corners of the country. Hudson arrives at base camp in the middle of the Alaskan tundra to begin his training.

The technology for this next wave of attack has changed significantly from the first. The troops who returned brought back information about the enemy’s tactics, and the armour and weapons have been modified to be more effective. Hudson and 23 other squadmates learn to defend themselves and fight the enemy swarm, using simulated battlegrounds while on Earth. They practice infantry drills, zero-gravity and centrifugal battle training, and team exercises to be a closer-knit squad.

Halfway through their three year training and boot camp, Hudson’s squad is introduced to their commander, ERIC SNOW. Snow is a veteran of the First Battalion. He was born 180 years earlier, but because of the time dilation effects of the Einstein-Rosen bridge used for travel to the Ursa galaxy, he looks to be barely 40. He’s lost an arm and has a titanium bionic one as a replacement. He’s one of the 13 survivors, the group known as the Elders. He is bitter and disenchanted, but after a month back in civilian life he pushed himself right back into the military, because he couldn’t handle being a regular guy. He is appalled by the changes to society that have taken place, but tries to restrain himself when speaking about it…

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