matrix of leadership

by  Andrew Watters

An ordinary guy becomes President. Or so everyone thinks.

Andrew George is an ordinary guy who decides he has had enough of the politicians in Washington. A relatively prominent lawyer in his community in California, Andrew builds a coalition of outsiders and runs for office. Surprisingly, he defeats the local incumbent in the House of Representatives and attains a position in Congress.

In a montage straight out of a Frank Capra movie, years go by. Andrew rises to leadership positions in the House and interacts with other politicians constantly. Finally, the logical conclusion of his career is to run for President.

After a brutal primary battle, the election itself is heavily contested– not just because both major candidates want the position, but because of the opportunities to make influential judicial appointments and foreign policy. The voters have a choice between Andrew, a reasonable middleof-the-road Democrat, and a Donald Trump-type right wing demagogue. The conservative trend in American politics makes it a close race because single issue voters favor the pro-life, fiscally conservative Republican. Complicating matters is Andrew’s stance on gun control: there shouldn’t be any. Andrew fights hard for the endorsement of the National Rifle Association. Despite being a lifelong member, a Benefactor Member, and donating thousands of dollars to the organization, Andrew loses the endorsement to the Republican candidate (a non-member) because of the Supreme Court vacancy that is expected to occur during the next Presidential administration…

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