Screenplay by Austin Allan James & Andrew Watters
Story by Andrew Watters & Cynthia Clark

A modern young woman wields a medieval knight’s enchanted gauntlet that is imbued with special powers for the worthy.

The sound of hoofbeats rapidly striking the ground. The clanging of metal on metal. There is blood everywhere. Fire rages in spots despite the rain, slanting from the sky. An English knight, face covered by faceplate, efficiently parries an attack and slips the tip of his sword into the exposed seam of unprotected flesh between his opponent’s torso armor and hip. Oddly, he directs his horse to the edge of the cliff and pauses at the edge, looking out towards the sea. Through the mists a wooden dragon’s head appears, then two others flanking it. At the head of the first ship stands a figure clothed in grey robes. As the ships grow closer, the man notices that despite the wind sweeping across the cliffs, the robes of the figure on the first ship do not move. Abruptly the knight digs his heels into his horse’s flanks and wheels his horse around…

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