valkyrie warrior II:  relics of the valkyrie warriors

by Andrew Watters

Angry Egyptian gods raise their mummies from the dead, creating a seemingly unstoppable army.

Hell. A voiceover explains that after the events of VALKYRIE WARRIOR, God damned the Devil and his army to Hell, where they would spend eternity stripped of their powers.

* * *

Earth. A group of robed figures huddles around a sacrificial fire inside a vast Egyptian temple. On their altar rests the burning body of a man clothed in a white shroud, drenched with red blood.

The figures chant in unison: “ur men neb sur ra, ra! Ur men neb sur ra, ra!” A high priest raises his arms to the heavens, praying to the god of the underworld, Anubis.

A flash of blue-green light from the dead man’s corpse. A low murmuring from the figures, who nod approval. The corpse rises up unsteadily out of the fire and wears a psychotic’s wide-eyed grimace. The figures around the fire chant louder and louder as the zombie emerges. “UR MEN NEB SUR RA, RA! UR MEN NEB SUR RA, RA!” Fade out.

* * *

With the world weakened by war with the Aldebaranians, a dangerous modern-day cult desires to finish the job. Anubis, their god, resurrects all of his mummies.

The mummies wreak havoc on a global scale. It’s reminiscent of the war with the Aldebaranians except that this time, God won’t permit the Devil or his spirits to intervene. This one is up to the people of Earth.

The people of Earth are again without hope. All appears lost.

* * *

A mummy knocks over a reliquary while assaulting a church, and recoils from contact with the relics within.

The fleeing parishioners realize that saintly relics can be used against the mummies. They fight the mummies using relics as weapons.

The people who discovered the mummies’ weakness manage to broadcast their solution on radio and television, advising the public to gather all of their religious relics and use them to fight the mummies.

Scenes of people gathering relics. Knights’ armor, bones of dead saints, clothing worn by holy figures, and caskets of ancient martyrs.

The people wield relics and kill all the mummies. Members of the cult are brought to justice and executed.