valkyrie warrior

Screenplay by Austin Allan James
Story by Andrew Watters

Heroes and heroines from the past are called to assist Earth in a doomsday scenario.

Space. An astronaut repairs a satellite high above the Earth.

“What the?!” He sees another ship. Then ten others. Then a hundred others. The lead ship shoots a laser beam out, cutting the astronaut’s shuttle in half. But not before he gets out a distress call.

NASA headquarters. Mission Control frantically seeks to reestablish contact with the dead shuttle and its crew. They do not succeed.

An Air Force observer questions the flight director about what just happened.

“You’re telling me it’s still there, but we can’t communicate?”

“That’s what I’m telling you. Oh! Look– it just dropped off the display.”

The NASA radar screen shows an orange outline where the shuttle icon used to be…

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