future warrior
future warrior II


Executive Producer
Andrew Watters

Tim Gennert

Written by
Andrew Watters

Rob Lundgren & Sandy Martin

Viktoriya Yermolyeva

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by
Tim Gennert at NRG Studios

I. Overture

It is the year 1997. Through the discovery of “collapsars” (black holes) and sophisticated math that permits interstellar travel using black holes, humanity has started to colonize the stars. Unfortunately, several colony ships are lost under suspicious circumstances. A probe limps back to Earth and tells the United Nations that the Taurans, a hostile alien race from the constellation Taurus, attacked one of the ships.

II. Elite Conscription Act

The UN forms UNEF– United Nations Expeditionary Force– to attack the Taurans back. Men and women with IQs of 150 and above who are highly educated, healthy, and fit are drafted for military service in UNEF. William Mandella, a physicist, is one such recruit. Training is grueling– first on Earth, and later on Charon (Pluto’s moon). Several of the recruits are killed during training. William meets another recruit, Marygay Potter, and they start dating.

III. Epsilon Aurigae

The long trip to Epsilon Aurigae passes with lots of shipboard games, sex, and boredom. Mandella and Potter find themselves drawing closer. UNEF’s first encounter with the Taurans occurs on a planet orbiting Epsilon Aurigae. The force attacks a Tauran base that appears to be full of pacifists, because the Taurans don’t fight back. Through the use of post-hypnotic suggestion, the force massacres the Taurans, shredding them all to bloody pieces. Mandella and Potter feel guilt and shame, which they share with each other.

IV. You Can Never Go Back

Due to time dilation, the Epsilon Aurigae campaign only lasts two subjective years for the soldiers, but decades have passed on Earth. When they return to Earth, the soldiers learn that the Taurans have been employing increasingly advanced weaponry in the war based on what they learned in the Epsilon Aurigae encounter. Meanwhile, Earth has gone to shit. There is massive unemployment, hunger, and poverty. Mandella and Potter, with decades of military pay, are rich. They go on leave and visit London, New York, and Potter’s parents. Eventually, they get tired of the new Earth and re-enlist in UNEF to escape.

V. Negative Feedback Kinesthesia

On the next campaign, Mandella and Potter are both injured and assigned to Heaven, a hospital facility. They recover and enjoy the time together. However, after they are healed, they get separated and have different assignments, which means they will probably never see each other again. Mandella, newly promoted to Major, goes through a virtual reality crash course to train him for what is expected to be his final campaign. At this point, Mandella is objectively the oldest soldier in UNEF, having been drafted over 450 years earlier. He takes command of his new strike force and finds that much has changed in the hundreds of years he has been in the service. On the plus side, he is a billionaire.

VI. The Sade-138 Campaign

Mandella leads his Strike Force to a freezing planet circling a dull star where they build a base in preparation for the Tauran attack. The Taurans finally arrive and all but demolish Mandella’s company, partially because his subordinates do not follow his orders. The surviving personnel head home to Stargate on a ten-month journey to discover that it has, once again, completely changed. Not only is Earth now a planet made up entirely of clones with a single consciousness, but the war has been over for two centuries. Part of their welcome home is an explanation of the 1,143 year-long war that summarizes the idea of the whole thing being based on a misunderstanding between Earth and the Taurans. Upon further exploration, Mandella discovers that the leaders at the time believed that Earth needed a war to unify its people. The returnees are informed that they are free to decide where to live, what do, and with whom to do it. At this point, Mandella is sure Potter is dead.

VII. Sanctuary

Mandella finds a note in his personnel file from Potter in which she informs him that she has been waiting for him by using a space cruiser as a time machine. Utilizing time dilation to her benefit, she has been traveling several light years and back over a period of a month, and when she returns, five years have passed. Mandella travels out to the planet where Potter is waiting for him, and they are reunited. Mandella and Potter have their first child, a boy, approximately 1,146 years after they first met.