future warrior

Next-gen augmented reality visor system

infinity stone

Visualization and analysis tool

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lightning link

(CRM) system for professionals

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flash point

Node-based fire mapping

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Mapping of underground facilities

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rogue mariner

Next-gen capable maritime security vessel

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profiles in character

A series of children’s books about heroes and heroines from history illustrating important values.


An electronic stun/entry device as an alternative to flashbang grenades.

helical analytics

A system for the volumetric visualization and analysis of massive realtime data sets.

extreme team

A peer-to-peer electrotactile biofeedback tactical network.


A system for the visualization and audiovisualization of internet traffic based on moving fields of Schläfli-Hess polychora, hyper-polygons, and modulated noise.

operation prince charming

An evidence-based approach using cutting edge behavioral science to advance digital dating technology and improve user experience.